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French Wine Experience

New attraction !

Visit the French Wine Experience for a sensational journey !

This fascinating insight into the world of France's most famous export takes you from its lovely French vineyards beginnings to the global success it is today.

This visit takes place right by the Louvre, in stunning 18th century wine cellars that were once used by the King of France himself. The visit then takes you through the various steps of the winemaking process, from the grape to the bottle.

Each one of your 5 senses is stimulated with games, videos and surprising discoveries.

The experience is highly interactive and learning about wine suddenly becomes easy and fun.

Along the way you’ll learn fascinating stories, eye-opening anecdotes and fun facts behind this enchanting craft.

As a special launch offer for this new attraction, each ticket includes a free bottle of French wine (white or red).

Tour finishes with a chance to taste French Wine (or grape juice children).

Possible adds-on : 
Taste 1 glass of French wine at the end of the visit: +4€
Taste 3 glasses of French wine at the end of the visit: +8€
Taste 1 Glass of Champagne: +12€
Taste 2 Glasses of Champagne: +21€
Get your own bottle of French wine : +11€

13.20€ TVA incl.

The Wine Cellars of the Louvre

The Wine cellars of the Louvre are the ancient royal wine cellars in the heart of Paris.

Built in the 18th century, it used to shelter the wine served to the king of France’s court.

Several centuries later those cellars are still dedicated to the wine and a team of passionate people decided to open it to the public for the first time.

A unique experience that will make you discover the wine by stimulating your 5 senses.